2.6M Rectangular Inflatable Swimming Pool PVC Pool



2.6M Rectangular Inflatable Swimming Pool PVC Pool



【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】The high-strength hot carbon tough PVC layered independent airbag adopts reinforced thermal fusion technology, which is firm and not easy to break. If a single layer leaks, it will not affect the normal use of the surrounding baby.

【BABY FALLING PREVENTION】 The thick bottomed inflatable bladder effectively blocks the cold on the ground, avoiding the rapid drop in water temperature, and prevents the baby from falling and stung while swimming or playing in the pool.

【UPGRADED AIR LEAK-PROOF VALVE】 Each layer of airbag has an upgraded version of leak-proof valve, which is highly sealed to prevent air leakage.

【COMFORTABLE TO USE】 The wear-resistant thermal insulation foam bottom is comfortable for pedaling without bump.There are many sizes for you to choose-200*150*50cm; 260*170*50cm; 300*175*60cm;

【SLIMMING】A lager size for children and adult. Parents can take care of children easier at home.Regular dips have been known to help eliminate toxins in the body, improve skin,and slim the body.


1) Do not pour the boiling water (<40℃) directly into the pool, to avoid damage to the pool, you should first pour cold water and then pour the hot water;

2) Inflatable moderation, 90% is recommended;

3) To avoid objects or chemicals.

4) Note: We will deliver the goods after folding


  • Material: PVC
  • Shape:Rectangle Main
  • Color:Bue+White
  • Size:(approx.) 260*170*50cm


  • 1 x Inflatable Swimming Pool (NOT included pump and other decorations.)
  • 2 x Water Toy
  • 1x Big Duck
  • 2x Small Duck

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg


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