NOTE: As a result of the worldwide proliferation of COVID-19, a number of airlines have discontinued operations in a number of nations and areas. Additionally, order delays may occur as a result of slower logistics and extra customs security checks. Please allow additional travel time than the ETA mentioned in our shipping policy due to these conditions. (about 7-10 days)

We provide international express shipping. The delivery time for an order is broken into two parts: Time to process + time to ship

  • Time to Process: Orders will be handled within 1-3 working days. On weekends, we do not ship.
  • Shipping time: 7-12 working days in the United States, 9-15 working days in Europe, and 12-20 working days in other countries.

Shipping Costs: Express costs are the same all around the world. It is $5.95 USD.

Shipping Carriers

To ensure prompt delivery, we will use USPS, 4PX, or SF Express.

Tracked Shipping

If the order has been shipped out, the customer will be notified via email or text message.

Every order has a tracking number. In your order despatch email, you’ll find your tracking number and links. Please email us at [email protected] before ordering if you want them sent with insurance or use other carriers. We will provide you with a quote.

We are unable to cancel an order that has already been dispatched.

Orders are delivered by third-party couriers. If you buy from us, you accept that there’s a chance your package will be misplaced. Only orders with proof of non-delivery are eligible for a refund.
We track orders using third-party tracking systems, and if the website says your order was delivered, we’ll believe it. We will only issue a refund if the state, city, or zip code from your tracking number does not match your shipping information. Without exception.